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Our Story

" Everything Mother Earth gives....Is meant to be shared with everyone around "

- Shri Rukmani Ammal


Our Inspirer…

Everything we are today is the tree of what Shri Rukmani Ammal seeded once. A benevolent woman from a privileged agricultural family, Shri Rukmani Ammal, lived her life nurturing the land and the people of the land. She cared for the quality of soil, the quality of crops, and the quality of every farmer’s life.

In a period when The Green Revolution brought new technologies and chemical fertilizers to farming, Rukmani Ammal firmly believed that anything unnatural fed into the soil disrupts the quality of life and the bond of mankind with nature. She grew only the natural yields of rice, wheat, vegetables, and spices in her farms.

She took joy in farming naturally and in treating everyone equally. A farmer, a landlord, and a daily wage worker, all of them were children of Mother Nature for her. She lived by sharing whatever she had with everyone around. Even the food for the workers on her farms was cooked by her every day. Fresh natural yields were shared with everyone and sourced to everyone fairly.


Our Inspiration…

The Green Revolution changed the way farming was happening in the 1960s and the market was adapting to agrochemicals and fertilizers for growing crops. This change went down well on wealthy farmers in the village but the small-scale farmers could not afford new technologies and fertilizers. Buying chemical fertilizers and competing with the farmers who grew crops with agrochemicals, became a life-threatening challenge for every small farmer.

Being an enthusiast of natural farming and a woman from a privileged agricultural family, Shri Rukmani Ammal started supporting small farmers to grow crops naturally. She helped all the struggling small farmers of the village financially for agricultural expenses and for buying raw materials to make natural fertilizers.

A woman, who was taking care of her family and farms, became a woman who took care of the small farmers and villagers. She believed that not only homes but also this society needs the nourishment of homemakers. She empowered women to make hand-made products and used the profit of it to support farmers. Throughout her life, she did various welfare activities for small-scale farmers and produced yields by natural farming.


Our Present Day…

Today Village Spices & Co. is an effort to transform the lifestyle and the life ethics of Shri Rukmani Ammal into a registered social organization for a greater cause.

On one hand, we are working to bring back the lost traditional taste of Indian recipes that our ancestors relished and lived with, to the recipes being prepared in homes across the country. The ingredients of our products are sourced from chemical-free soil of village farms and grown naturally by the farmers who practice the process of natural cultivation.

After the ingredients are sourced from farms, the recipes are hand-made by village women and homemakers as per the authentic tradition of Indian Masala Making. The ones who make our recipes are the ones who make masala in their homes every-day. They are the ones who belong to a tradition that has a dedicated heritage of making tasty and healthy masala.

Each product has the authentic taste of the region it is sourced from and a lot of care is put into the preparation process. The recipes are not grounded or processed in factories or in machines. They are made by the people for whom making such recipes is a day to day habit. All recipes are made by the people, who live their life with the life ethics Shri Rukmani Ammal once lived with…

On the other hand, we are functioning as a Public Benefit Corporation which is transforming the lives of small farmers in villages by connecting them to national and international consumers. By buying from us, our consumers become a part of supporting the small-scale farmers and natural production of exclusive spices...