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The Village Spices & Co is a Public Benefit Organisation,

We do this by:

Sourcing Single Origin Spices

Our spices are not produced and packed by someone who we do not know. We visit farms in person and spend time with the farmers and understand their challenges, their spice growing process, and quality of their produce. We support them to improve their process and the quality of their spices. We do not mix the produce of different farmers and this keeps our products in consistent quality and unchanged flavour. When a consumer is not happy with what they had bought, we have the traceability to work with the farmer to enhance their product value as per consumer satisfaction.

Enabling Fair Trade

Our trading involves no middlemen who cause unnecessary cost inflation and quality reduction. All our spices are hand-harvested, grown naturally, and transported directly to consumers. We do not have warehouses or factories where we stock the products or process the products as per commercial standards. This preserves the freshness of our products and keeps the spices unadulterated. On the other end, a farmer gets 6x high returns for his efforts since there are no middlemen or brokers to bargain the cost of the produce. Spices taste best when used fresh, so our quick transportation brings spices with the best flavour as well as health benefits to the consumers.


Empowering local farmers and creating fair, transparent, and traceable spice trade. Our vision is driven towards creating a new international food supply chain without inequality and exploitation. We are working to achieve this by our efforts to bring a change to the four sections of the supply chain industry.

Empowering Local Farmers

We are working to connect the small farmers directly to consumers so that the returns for their produce will directly reach them without a share for the middlemen and brokers. We are creating a diverse market for small farmers throughout India and worldwide. This leads to better financial security for farmers and helps them to produce high-quality spices organically.

Natural Flavour

Our farmers are provided with better financial gain for their produce hence the financial security becomes a support for growing spices organically which holds an exotic flavour. Our recipes and masalas are hand-grounded by traditional stone mill technique that keeps the raw flavour alive.


Our operation is focused on making the food supply chain a transparent and quick process, which will not disturb the quality of spices and sustainability. A transparent and traceable supply chain leads to:

  • Fresh Spices – Since we transport spices directly from farms, the stocks are not adulterated or out-dated due to long storage hours in warehouses.
  • Consistent Quality – Industrial supply chains combine spices from multiple individual producers for meeting the quantity demands. But we source spices from a single origin that make the quality consistent and a stock that is easily traceable for consumer feedbacks. 
  • Sustainable Impact – Our supply chain that bypass middlemen, creates sustainability in the lives of people growing food by letting them maintain a unique environment that grows incredible ingredients.

Enhancing Consumer Value

Our sourcing method and fair supply chain increases consumer value with good products, no price inflation, and better traceability. Since spices are sourced from a single origin, any feedback is traced back to the individual producer. And our consumers become a part of supporting small farmers and local produce.


  • Eco Friendly 
  • 100 % Natural
  • Gluten & Lactose Free
  • Increased Farmer Payment
  • Global Exposure for Village Produce


The Village Spices & Co – A Public Benefit Corporation