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Country Coriander Powder - Organic Fair Trade

Rs. 110.00

Freshly harvested Santo variety Coriander seeds from the fertile green farms of Shimla, harvested organically by native farmers, sun-dried and stone-grounded as a fine powder. The exotic flavour of this unadulterated coriander powder can be used to infuse an irresistible aroma and subtle spiciness to all kinds of recipes. Since this Coriander is produced in extremely nourishing natural conditions, the freshness holds a high level of anti-oxidants for daily consumption.


Country Coriander Seeds

Sourced From

Ramanathapuram & Yercaud Farms

Made Out of

Sun-Dried and Hand Grounded Ingredients

Spice Features 

  • Used for all types of Foods including Curries, Masalas & Staples
  • Country Coriander Seeds
  • Just Grounded Coriander & Nothing Else
  • All Spice Ingredients are Natural & Organic
  • Made from Village through Ethical Sourcing & Employment 
  • Packed & Sealed with Eco-Responsibility




      Country Coriander Seeds



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      Raw | Clean | Natural

      All In One Masala is made of natural ingrediants which are raw & organic, there are no trace of any genetically modified ingrediants or preservatives in this Product.

      Accredited Product

      Our Products are certified Organic with Zero Adulteration from the FSSAI Organisation.

      Value for Product

      Our Products are made by collaborating directly with Farmers & Ethical Human Resourcing.

      Locally Sourced

      All the Finest Ingredients of the Product are sourced locally from Villages & Farms around Nilgris.

      Country Coriander Powder - Organic Fair Trade

      Rs. 110.00
      • What is a Clean Label ?

        Food Products with Natural, Familiar, Simple Ingredients that are easy to Recognize, Understand & Pronounce. No Artificial Ingredients or Synthetic Chemicals, No Additives, Nothing Unnatural. Everything that comes from earth and not from labs.

        All Natural. No Artificial.
        All Good. No Bad.

      • Infant & Child Friendly ?

        Absolutely! Our masalas are great for boosting immune levels naturally and make a great healthy meal for kids.

      • How to Store ?

        Keep them cool. Store them in the dry & cool place. Avoid damp and wet place.

      • Consumable if I am lactose or gluten intolerant ?

        YES! Our masalas are 100% gluten and dairy-free and completely vegetarian

      • Why colour of masala different today ?

        As the ingredients are completely natural, the colours of raw spices and herbs vary with each changing season.